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Pure Water Changes

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As clean as the water they bring into your home.

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Pure Water Changes
We redesigned their website to not only give the brand a clean and modern look, but organize the information to be more user-friendly and consumable.

Pure Water Changes strives to improve your overall well-being by bringing in clean water into residential homes through their home water softening systems. They wanted to re-design their website to be more modern and engaging, as well as being a selling tool to help educate homeowners.

The Process

The initial step was to reorganize the content from their previous site, assess the quality of the content, and then re-structure it in a way that will be both easily consumable as well as visually appealing. In order to do this, larger sections of copy that were longer than three-to-four sentences were reduced to smaller bite-sized pieces of content so the viewers wouldn't be intimidated by too much reading. We also utilized bullet points to drive viewers' eyes to the main points as well.

In addition to analyzing and re-structuring the content, a blog was incorporated as a tool to continually educate homeowners of the many affects of having clean water in your home. Strategically-positioned forms also help collect potentials leads from anyone interested in learning more about clean water, or who may be considering a free in-home water quality test.

The Design

We decided to create the website with more white-space in mind, while using the branded blues to accentuate the design and bring attention to key points. Video backgrounds were also used in the hero section, as well as in the Footer CTA section to help draw more attention to find out more or to fill out the form if there were interested in learning more. Overall, the website was both beautifully-designed and organized in a way that will be easily consumable and visually-engaging to get the most out of educating gathering potential leads.


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