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Ashley Beveridge

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A calm, compassionate and engaged approach to therapy.

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Ashley Beveridge
We developed a brand identity and website design around finding your inner truth.

Ashley Beveridge is gifted and insightful therapist that helps others who are in need of compassionate guidance. Ashley looked to us to create a brand identity around the idea of "finding the way to your inner truth". We sought out to design a modern and soothing brand that would bring you more insight into who Ashley Beveridge is and the services she provides.

The Identity

The first asset that we began working on was the logo mark. Ashley was looking for something clean and mature that conveyed the idea of "finding your way", and while we explored many options from compasses to lighthouses, we eventually ended on a maze concept that was constructed from Ashley's initials– A and B. The soft pastel-like color palette provided a sense of soothing and comfort, while a faint halftone background gave the brand subtle depth as an element that didn't give off any emotion.

The Process

In exploring a look for Ashley's new logo, we began with pencil on paper, sketching many ideas revolving around the idea of "finding your way". We wanted to use fonts that were modern and mature, straying away from anything too young and playful. We began our font exploration with modern sans serif fonts and clean serif fonts that could give off the feeling of sentences in a book.

From there we explored several ideas eventually landing upon the maze concept and continued exploring many different variations of incorporating Ashley's initials into it. In the end, we loved the final logo and the way the logo mark points in the upward direction while incorporating both the initials and maze concept.

Website Design & Development

In designing and developing the website for Ashley, we wanted to design a site that had a more interesting layout than your typical corporate therapist/counseling websites, but also responding well on tablet and mobile devices. We wanted a design that was light, airy, modern and interesting in composition in order to convey the freshness and comfort rather than corporate and stiff.

It was important that we put a face to the brand and provide the viewers with more insight into who Ashley is, both as a therapist and a genuine person. We had both photos and video taken of her in both professional and everyday settings to ensure her persona is portrayed within her brand.


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